What is www.gradeschoolreviewers.com ?

www.gradeschoolreviewers.com is a portal offering practice worksheets for elementary students. Initially, subjects covered are Math, English, Filipino, Science and Araling Panlipunan for Grades 1 -6.

This site offers printable worksheets with answer keys as well as online worksheets. Worksheets are available in different formats (multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks/identification, matching type.). Most printable worksheets have corresponding online worksheets available.

How do I get started?

To be a member, simply sign up by clicking on Register on the homepage, or click here

Once you have completed signing up, we will send you an email requesting you to verify your account within 48 hours to complete your registration.

Who are developing the worksheets and reviewers?

Our worksheets are developed by graduates of prestigious universities in the Philippines. These are reviewed by professionals in the teaching profession.

What reference materials are being used to develop the worksheets and reviewers?

We use different textbooks by various publishing companies in the Philippines as reference materials.

How often do you update or add new materials?

Worksheets are reviewed and updated annually while new materials are added every month.

Are the worksheets for free?

The printable worksheets are for free. But as we provide quality materials and these have correponding expenses, we cannot sustain the cost of maintaining this site if we offered everything for free.

Access to online worksheets and the answers to printable worksheets come with a minimal cost. We do commit to keep our membership fees as low as possible.

What kind of memberships are available? What are the benefits of subscribing versus free membership?

Upon signing up, your membership by default is free. You have access to printable worksheets but not all answer keys will be available. Your child can also print the worksheets. You and your child will also have limited access to online worksheets.

To enjoy access to all online worksheets and printable answer keys available to your child’s grade level, you may want to upgrade to a premium membership (or paid membership). On your homepage, cick on the Upgrade Now button to find out our latest promo offerings on membership.

Are subscriptions for a one-year period? Can I sign up on a monthly basis?

Free subscriptions are for a 2-month trial period. During this time, you may upgrade by clicking on the Upgrade Now button at your homepage to see the current discount offerings.

Premium (or paid) subscriptions are either for a one-year or 6-month period. Reminder notices will be sent to you before your account expires so you can enjoy uninterrupted access.

Why do I need to 'enrol' my child when I sign up?

You will need to enrol your child to ensure that the materials that you or your child will access are appropriate for his/her age or grade level.

I have 2 children in grade school. Do I need to sign up for 2 accounts?

As parent, you don't need to sign up for 2 accounts, but you must enrol your 2 children so that each child will have a separate log in name and password and will be able to access materials suited to his/her grade level. For billing purposes, each child's account is treated as one subscription, so if you have 2 children, you will be paying for 2 subscriptions.

I cannot find my child's current topics in the list of materials available. How do I request that they be included?

You may suggest this topic to us by going to the Contact Us page. While we have carefully researched the topics for each grade level, we recognize that different schools have different curriculum.

We greatly appreciate your help in expanding our research and enabling us to be of better service to you.

I tried to print a worksheet for my child but it does not show me the print option. But this is a topic that he is currently studying. How do I obtain access to it?

It is possible that you have a free membership and the worksheet you are trying to access is available only to premium members. This is true for Answer Keys. For a mimimal fee, you may upgrade your membership so you can access all Answer Keys available for your child.

I cannot see the document I just clicked. What is wrong?

Printable worksheets are in pdf format. If your device does not support pdf format, kindly switch to a device that does, or download the program. To download, click here.

Online worksheets are saved in our database and are viewable in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

I cannot print the document. What is wrong?

Please check that your printer is turned on and the printer settings in your device are correct. You may also try to check common printing issues, such as the printer is out of paper, or you may need to change your ink cartridge, or the paper has jammed.

I cannot find the answer key. What should I do?

For printable worksheets

The print option for the answer keys are found beside the corresponding worksheet for each topic. If you already printed a worksheet much earlier and are now trying to look for the corresponding answer key, simply type the Name of the Worksheet (found at the top of your printed worksheet) in the Search box and that topic will be gererated. Simply click on the print options under the column “Answer Keys.”

If you are a child, please ask your parent to print the answer key for you.

It is also possible that you have signed up for a free subscription. You may want to upgrade your subscription to have access to the answer keys.

For online worksheets

If your child has performed online worksheets and you would like to see the details, follow these steps:

- After logging in to your account, choose Children Worksheet Results.

- Choose name of child (if you have more than 1 child enrolled in the system) and click on Get Worksheet Details.

- Locate the worksheet that you would like to view, and click on Review. A printable detailed report showing the answers will then be generated.

I forgot my log-in name and/or password. What do I do?

Simply click on the ‘forgot my password’ button found on the homepage. We will send you via email your a reset password button.

Or you may refer to the first few emails we sent to you when you registered. Your log-in details as well as your child’s are indicated in the email with subject “Email Verification.”

I sometimes get logged out of the system even when I have not logged out. Why does this happen?

If there has not been any activity for a 15 minutes, the system detects this and launches the automatic time-out feature that logs off the user. You may log back in as soon as this happens.

How do I enroll another child?

For free members:

After logging in to your account, go to Manage Childen on My Dashboard. Click on Add New Child and enter your child’s details. Note that free membership allows you to add only up to 3 children.

For paid members:

Please use the Contact Us page and under Topic, choose Registering Another Child. You will receive an email for the next steps.